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Best of Season 11

Flukemaster’s Christmas Special

Island Girl

The Gambler – Part Two

The Gambler – Part One

Heroes on the Water: Justin Vail

Chasin Tail in NYC – Part Two

Chasin Tail in NYC – Part One

Feel the Burn

Lord Stark of Lunkerfell

Cool Hand Luke – Part Two

Cool Hand Luke – Part One

Late Night: Jason Austin

Late Night: The 3 Legends

Best of Season 10

Orillia Perch Festival

The Return of Louie


The Bass Coach

Big D – Part Two

Big D – Part One

The Salmonators

Lunkerville Bass Parade

A Lunker Runs Through It

The Catfish Hunters

Heroes on the Water

The EfishIENT Fisherman

No Problem

Mike D Goes to Washington

Late Night: Ross Honey

Late Night: Sandi Roberts

McMillan and Wife

Late Night: Roland Martin

The King of New York

Life’s a Beach

Foshizal Fo Sho

Korn on the Kolb

Fold, Fold, Fold Your Boat


Iceman Meets Iceboy

Sir Richard

Late Night: Capt. Wild Bill

Late Night: Jimmy Houston

The Sturgeonator

100th Episode Glory

Late Night: Times Square

The Spaceman Cometh

Forever Young


Late Night: Noodlin Catfish

Best of Season 8

Tips n’ Tactics 2013

To Dew or Not to Dew

Late Night: Debbie and Natalie

Clark Kent in Smallieville

Grandma’s Lake

Cletus Maximus Pt. 2

Cletus Maximus Pt. 1

Late Night: Stephen Bates


Best of Season 7

Apocalypse Chickenbone

Slick Nick

SS Double Bubble

Big Bird and the Cookie Monster

The Back Seat Hooha

Father Knows Best

Jaws 5

Pike Place

Aloha Mr. White

Peanut Butter Jelly Loaf

Hail to Rolando

LUNKERVILLE VIRAL ALERT! This is the biggest armadillo you’ve ever seen

We found this crazy video, shared it with our fans, and it went VIRAL… being viewed over 10 million times in one week! As of May, 2018 it has over 25 million views and a half million shares!… Yeah, it’s not about fishing, but this is Lunkerville! Lunkerville Video Goes Viral

South Bend’s Lunkerville Announces Heroes On The Water Episode Premiere On Discovery Channel’s Destination America

ADDITIONAL SOUTH BEND’S LUNKERVILLE “HEROES ON THE WATER: JUSTIN VAIL” EPISODE TO AIR ON WORLD FISHING NETWORK AND DESTINATION AMERICA South Bend’s Lunkerville, the award-winning TV series that “catches real people with real fish stories”, is proud to announce that the “Heroes On The Water: Justin Vail” episode will premiere on Discovery Channel’s Destination America on Saturday, May 13 at 6:30 am (EST). The show will also air Tuesday, May 9 at 10:30 PM, Wednesday,…

South Bend’s Lunkerville Teams Up With Heroes On The Water

OVERWHELMING VIEWER RESPONSE INSPIRES A NEW EPISODE FOR THE 2017 SEASON This season’s all new episode has series host ‘Mike D’ traveling to Lake Denmark, New Jersey, to fish with war veteran Justin Vail from the New Jersey Chapter of Heroes On The Water. The show will air Thursday, February 23 at 9 AM, and Friday, February 24 at 1 AM, 9 AM and 3 PM on World Fishing Network. The South Bend brand is…

Fishing on CBS Sports This Weekend

CBS Sports Network viewers will catch some of the top notch fishing programs from saltwater to freshwater all around the country. Tune in to CBSSN Saturday morning starting at 6 AM/ET. Highlights include: Local Knowledge 6:00A/ET – Ali comes to the Florida Keys on a mission to become a certified SCUBA diver and gets to try a west coast tactic on “the big brown bear”. Warm water and a desire to see the bottom brought…

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