This Weekend on Discovery Channel

Jul 15, 2018

This weekend on Discovery Channel, you’re not going to want to miss new programming from Americana Outdoors, Fish Mavericks, On the Road with Rock and Aaron, Collegiate Bass Fishing Series and more! Discovery Channel is the global leader in real life entertainment, serving passionate fans with outdoor content that inspires, informs and entertains. Watch every weekend from 5:00am to 9:00am EST – check out this weekend’s lineup here!

Saturday Highlights – July 14th

Americana Outdoors – 5:00am EST – Americana Outdoors heads to New Zealand where they’ll see first hand why this is such a bucket list destination for so many hunters as they target Red Stag and Tahr with Thompson Center Danielle Sanville and others.

The Given Right – 5:30am EST – Mark heads to Utah for his first trip of the fall. This is a special place for Mark and he is hoping a little Utah magic rubs off on him as he is trying to harvest a mule deer.

Cooper’s Treasure – 6:00am – 8:00am EST

Raised Hunting – 8:00am EST – A Montana elk hunt, reminds a son just how important it is to have the entire team present to accomplish a goal.

On The Road with Rock & Aaron – 8:30am EST – Aaron and Rock hunt teal in Texas while Rock’s over-the-top CanAm SxS build gets underway.

Sunday Highlights – July 15th

Scott Linden’s Wingshooting USA – 5:00am EST – Montana’s Grass Range offers prairies and wild Huns and sharptailed grouse if you can see them through the smoke. A rash of wildfires surround the hunters and probably make the dogs’ job even tougher than the heat alone.

South Bend’s Lunkerville – 5:30am EST – Mike de Avila travels across North America discovering the secret spots and special techniques of everyday recreational fisherman.

Deadliest Catch – 6:00am – 7:00am EST

Fish Mavericks – 7:00am EST – With Big Fluffy missing in action, the crew must cross over to the Bahamas without him. When they arrive, something unexpected awaits.

Collegiate Bass Fishing Series– 8:30am EST – The biggest event of the year in collegiate bass fishing is the 2017 BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship and we’re here to find out who will be crowned National Champions at Pickwick Lake, Florence and Alabama.

Local Knowledge – 8:00am EST – With 1700 miles of road ahead, Rush and Ali continue their cross-country roadie from Florida to California with the new 32’ Andros in tow.

Collegiate Bass Fishing Series– 8:30am EST – It only takes one big bass to take home the top prize and bragging rights to the first ever 2018 Association of Collegiate Angler’s Texas Lunker Challenge on Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Texas!

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